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Helpful Tips for New Homeowners

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Taking on new tasks is not always easy.  One of the best learning tools is to do so by making mistakes. We researched the top mistakes new homeowners make to help you avoid them:

#1 Choose the Right Contractor

Lower priced contractors sometimes are not even licensed putting you at risk to spend even more money in the long run. The Better Business Bureau describes here benefits of hiring a licensed contractor like protecting property value, injury protection and protection of damage from third parties; their site also tells you how to find out if the contractor is licensed or not.

When comparing bids between contractors be sure to check their proposals include the entire scope of forceable costs. Underbidding a lead by not including all the elements of cost unfortunately is common practice amongst contractors.

At the end of the day ask yourself do I want to invest in a quality job and know what to expect? I personally appreciate quality service especially when it comes to contractors you welcome them into your home after all. Choose someone that is going to show up on time, clean up after themselves and provide you a quality service close to the price they quoted in the time frame quoted.

#2 Make Improvements that have Good ROIs

While we may have our hearts set on a fancy bidet toto toilet; remember to consider your return on investment. Will this upgrade add value to the property? Don’t forget to check with your agent or home appraiser to find out which are the best investments to make in your new home with the highest returns. HGTV gives some great suggestions here

#3 Find the Right Furniture to Invest In For Your Space

Let’s face it, furniture is expensive and important. Try not to get overwhelmed or put pressure on yourself to fill your home right away. Houzz offers a step by step process to help you strategically select the furniture that’s right for you and your space, check it out: here

#4 Save Your Receipts and Paperwork

If you’re anything like me, you like to avoid clutter at all costs. It’s important to note that all the money you put into your home is an investment in an asset that you could resell in the future. Holding onto your receipts and paperwork shows future buyers first hand your investments. It also provides any important warranty information you or they may need in the future.

#5 Pay Attention to the Details on your Inspection Report

Treat your inspection reports as road maps to home improvements. When in doubt, seek the advice of a professional. After all those items are sited for a purpose.

This website talks about which repairs should be mandatory after home inspections: more info on important repairs to make after inspection reports

#6 Invest In Quality Tools

Even if it’s just the basics: screwdriver set, hammer, and ladder be sure to invest in quality products. These are essential homeowner tools that when purchased properly will last a lifetime. If you go the opposite route and choose novelty, poor quality tools they could break on you when you need them most.

A good suggestion to stay on budget in this regard would be to invest in used tools from quality brands.



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